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Testemunhas de Jeová Biblioteca Histórica

Watchtower Archive

Testemunhas de Jeová Biblioteca Histórica

Arquivo da Torre de Vigia Sentinela Arquivo contém arquivos de mais velho, fora de catálogo, as publicações da Torre de Vigia, que estão agora no domínio público. Também estão incluídos vários documentos de domínio público de importância histórica ou por associados da Sociedade Torre de Vigia. Salvo indicação em contrário, todos os arquivos estão em formato PDF.
Verificação de que as publicações são de domínio público foi feita no site * Copyright Office dos EUA. Por favor, respeitem as leis de direitos autorais do país de sua residência.

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Historical Influences  
N.H. Barbour Era (1870-1880)    
C.T. Russell Era (1876-1916)  
J.F. Rutherford Era (1917-1942)
Publications After 1942
Publications By Associates
Trials Legal
News Clippings Magazine Articles
Concordances Other Sources
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Historical Documents

Historical Influences

(See Jehovah's Witnesses: Proclaimers of God's Kingdom pp. 45, 133-134)Millerite/Second Adventist:
1840 William Miller Chart
1841 William Miller Evidence from Scripture & History  Scanned version Text Version
1842 William Miller Views of the Prophecies Scanned version  Text Version
1842 William Miller Dissertations  Text version
1853 Memoirs of William Miller  By Sylvester Bliss
1844 History of the Second Advent Believers
1874 History of the Second Advent Message   By Isaac Wellcome
Contemporary Critiques of William Miller:
1840 The Theory of William Miller Utterly Exploded
1840 Dowling's Reply to Miller
1840 Miller Overthrown  (offsite link)
1843 Two Discourses on Prophecy
George Storrs:
1843 Bible Examiner
1850 Storrs The Unity of Man 
1853 Bible Vs. Tradition  Publication of The Bible Examiner
1853 Death Not Life  Publication of The Bible Examiner
1856 Six Sermons Storrs (scanned version)  Text version
1872 Annihilation of the Wicked Scripturally Considered Contemporary critique of Storrs
1883 Biography of George Storrs
John Taylor: (Cited by Russell, Smyth, the Edgars)
1864 The Battle of the Standards
Joseph A. Seiss:
1861 The Day of the Lord
1863 The Last Times Seiss Originally published in 1856. Cited in "Proclaimers," p. 46.
1877 A Miracle in Stone Seiss (scan)  Distributed through the Watchtower Society (See 1st edition of "Thy Kingdom Come," Volume 3 of Millennial Dawn, p.382).
1877 A Miracle in Stone Seiss Text Version
C. Piazzi Smyth: (See Volume 3 of Millennial Dawn/Studies of the Scriptures)
1867 Life and Work at the Great Pyramid 3 volumes in one PDF
1870 Photography at the Great Pyramid 
1880 Smyth Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid Distributed through the Watchtower Society (See 1st edition of "Thy Kingdom Come," Volume 3 of Millennial Dawn, p. 382).
1884 New Measurements Great Pyramid Has notes by Morton Edgar.
1884 Imaginary Metrological System of the Great Pyramid Contemporary criticism of Smyth
Other influences:
1823 Even-Tide Gentile Times By John A. Brown. See "Proclaimers" p. 134
1878 Seola  Influenced the book Angels and Women. See  The Golden Age, Dec.3, 1924 pp. 150, 151.
Early Contemporaries:
1877 Review of The Three Worlds in The Rainbow
1877 Review of The Three Worlds in The Bible Examiner  By George Storrs
1878 Review of Object and Manner in The Bible Examiner By George Storrs
1884 The Theocratic Kingdom by George N.H. Peters. Volume 3 is dedicated to W.H.Conley, (first president of the Watch Tower Society-- see "Proclaimers" p.576). The Theocratic Kingdom was reviewed in the May, 1883 Watch Tower.

N.H. Barbour Era (1870-1880)

1871 Evidences For Coming of Lord in 1873 by Barbour 
1874-1876 Herald of the Morning  
1877  The Three Worlds  Scan version.   Text version  (offsite link)
1877 Advent Christian Times Barbour Russell 
1877 Barbour Russell Handbill
1878 Herald of the Morning 
1879 Herald of the Morning  
1880 Herald of the Morning  Contains portions of July and August issues.

C.T. Russell Era (1876-1916)

For a quick overview of Russell's writings, see:
1916 Studies in the Scriptures (text)  Text files of the 1916 edition of the first 6 volumes
Harvest Gleanings  (Volumes 1-3)
1879-1916 Watch Tower  Text edition, searchable PDF
Charles Taze Russell Omnibus  (publications published posthumously)
1879-1916 Expanded Biblical Comments 
Documents from the Russell era:
Millennial Dawn and Studies in the Scriptures:

Volume 1: 
1886 The Plan of the Ages 1st Edition
1886 The Plan of the Ages 1902 Edition
1886 Divine Plan of the Ages 1909 Edition 
1886 The Plan of the Ages 1905 Edition 
Volume 2:
1889 The Time Is At Hand 1st Edition
1889 The Time Is At Hand 1902 Edition 
1889 The Time Is At Hand 1902 Edition
1889 The Time Is At Hand 1911 Edition 
1889 The Time Is At Hand
1927 Edition 

Volume 3:
1890 Thy Kingdom Come 1st Edition
1890 Thy Kingdom Come 1898 Edition 
1890 Thy Kingdom Come 1911 Edition 
Volume 4:
1897 The Day of Vengeance  First Edition
1897 The Day of Vengeance 
Later re-titled "The Battle of Armageddon"
1897 The Battle of Armageddon 1914 Edition
Volume 5:
1899 The At-one-ment Between God and Man  First Edition
1899 The At-one-ment Between God and Man (1910 edition) 
Volume 6:
1904 The New Creation (1909 edition) 
1904 The New Creation (1915 edition)
Special edition combining Volume 1 with part of Volume 3:
1913 The Divine Plan of the Ages as Seen in the Great Pyramid
Other items from the Russell era:
1876 Bible Examiner Russell Scan of first article written by Russell
1877 Advent Christian Times Barbour Russell 
1877 Object and Manner of Our Lord's Return  Russell's first booklet
1877 The Three Worlds Scan version. Text version (offsite link)
1880 Day Dawn by John Paton. The first book distributed by the  Watch Tower magazine
1881 Food For Thinking Christians 
1881 The Tabernacle and Its Teachings 
1886 Chart of the Ages
1890 The Wonderful Story  by Maria Russell
1892 Thy Word is Truth
1894 WT Extra A Conspiracy Exposed 
1896 Zions Glad Songs 
1897 What Say Scriptures Spiritualism 
1898 The Bible Versus the Evolution Theory 
1899 Tabernacle Shadows 
1900 Which is the True Gospel?
1902 Hymns of Dawn 
1905 Daily Heavenly Manna 
1905 In the Garden of the Lord
1906 Scriptures on Calamities
1907 Man's Salvation  By J.F. Rutherford
1908 Russell White Debate Moderated by J.F. Rutherford
1908 Sept. 1 Zion's Watch Tower 
1908 Zion's Watch Tower (scanned PDF)
1910 Jewish Hopes
1910 Bible Chronology Chart   Used for public lectures
1911 Bible Student Convention Pictures 
1914 Photo Drama of Creation  Original book version
1914 Photo Drama of Creation Part 1  Color slides
1914 Photo Drama of Creation Part 2  Color slides
1914 Photo Drama of Creation Part 3  Color slides
1915 Our Temple IBSA Chicago
1915 Poems of Dawn 
1915Rutherford Troy Debate 
1915 A Great Battle in the Ecclesiastical Heavens by J.F. Rutherford
1915-1916 Militarism by J.F. Rutherford
1916 Russell Overland Monthly 
1916 What Pastor Russell Said 
1916 What Pastor Russell Taught 
1916 Charles Taze Russell Will
1916 Russell Death Letter
1917 Pastor Russells Sermons 
Russell Grave Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

J.F. Rutherford Era (1917-1942)

Volume 7 of Studies in the Scriptures
1917 The Finished Mystery (First Edition) (Text version)
1917 The Finished Mystery  (1918 Edition) (Scanned)
1916-1918_Studies in the Scriptures (text version of all 7 volumes, includes Finished Mystery)
Other publications:
1917 The Fall of Babylon 
1917 Watchtower Bible Student Schism
1918 Proxy 
1919 Jan Bible Student Convention 
1919 Is There a God?
1919 Where are the Dead?
1919 The Case of the IBSA
1920 Millions Now Living Will Never Die (34 MB, Searchable)
1920 Millions Now Living Will Never Die  (6 MB, Not Searchable)
1920s Comforted of God
1920s The Call of the Bride
1921 The Harp of God First Edition Subtitled: "Proof Conclusive That Millions Now Living Will Never Die"
1921 The Harp of God 1928 Revision
1922 School of the Prophets   Referenced in "Proclaimers" p. 247
1924 The Way to Paradise
1926 Deliverance 
1930  Beth Sarim Deed 
1930 (Circa) Bethel Home Rules and Regulations
1935 Calendar Golden Age 
1935 Loyalty
1937 Uncovered
1938 Face The Facts 
1940 End of Nazism
1940 Judge Rutherford Uncovers Fifth Column
1941 God and the State
1941 End of Axis Powers 
1941 Jehovah's Servants Defended
Link to online books by Rutherford  (offsite link)
Link to online booklets by Rutherford (offsite link)

Publications After 1942

1942 The New World
1943 The Truth Shall Make You Free
1944 The Kingdom is at Hand
1945 Charter of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society 
1946 Equipped For Every Good Work
1946 Theocratic Aid For Kingdom Publishers
1946 Let God Be True (first edition)
1949 Counsel on Theocratic Organization For Jehovah's Witnesses
1950 Songs to Jehovah's Praise
1950 Defending and Legally Establishing the Good News  by Hayden C. Covington
1950 This Means Everlasting Life
1952 Let God Be True (second edition)
1952 Dwelling Together in Unity
1953 Make Sure of All Things
1953 New Heavens and a New Earth
1955 You May Survive Armageddon into God's New World
1955 Qualified To Be Ministers
1955 Preaching Together in Unity
1958 Your Will Be Done On Earth
1958 From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained
1960 Preaching and Teaching in Peace and Unity
Revision of "Preaching Together in Unity"


The Bible Examiner
1843 Bible Examiner
The Herald of the Morning
1874-1876 Herald of the Morning   Text version
1878 Herald of the Morning 
1879 Herald of the Morning 
1880 Herald of the Morning 
Contains portions of July and August issues.
Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence
Unless otherwise indicated, these are text versions.
1879 Watch Tower 
1880 Watch Tower 
1881 Watch Tower 
1882 Watch Tower 
1883 Watch Tower 
1884 Watch Tower 
1885 Watch Tower 
1886 Watch Tower 
1887 Watch Tower 
1888 Watch Tower 
1889 Watch Tower 
1890 Watch Tower 
1891 Watch Tower 
1892 Watch Tower 
1893 Watch Tower 
1894 Watch Tower 
1894 WT Extra A Conspiracy Exposed  Scanned version
1895 Watch Tower 
1896 Watch Tower 
1897 Watch Tower 
1898 Watch Tower 
1899 Watch Tower 
1900 Watch Tower 
1901 Watch Tower 
1902 Watch Tower 
1903 Watch Tower 
1904 Watch Tower 
1905 Watch Tower 
1906 Watch Tower 
1907 Watch Tower 
1908 Zion's Watch Tower (scanned PDF)
1908 Watch Tower 
The Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's
(name change)
1909 Watch Tower 
1910 Watch Tower 
1911 Watch Tower 
1912  Jan Watch Tower 
Scanned version
1912 Watch Tower 
1913 Watch Tower 
1914 Watch Tower 
1915 Watch Tower 
1916 Watch Tower 
The Golden Age
All Golden Age, Consolation, and Awake
files are scanned versions:

1919 Golden Age 
1920 Golden Age 
1921 Golden Age 
1922 Golden Age 
1923 Golden Age 
1924 Golden Age 
1930-1934 Golden Age (various issues)
1935 Golden Age  (various issues)
1936-1937 Golden Age (various issues)
1938-1940 Consolation (various issues)
1941-1944 Consolation (various issues)
1947 Awake!
1948 Awake! several years to be added -- work in progress

Publications By Associates of Russell and Rutherford

Publications by John and Morton Edgar:
1910 Great Pyramid Passages, Volume 1 cover only, work in progress
1911 Edgar Pyramid Lecture from Convention Report 
1913 Great Pyramid Passages, Volume 2
1923 Great Pyramid Passages, Volume 1 (revised) Does not include  Letters from Egypt
1924 Great Pyramid Passages Volume II  (revised)
1924 The Great Pyramid -- Its Spiritual Symbolism
1924 The Great Pyramid -- Its Scientific Features
1924 The Great Pyramid -- Its Time Features
1924 Great Pyramid, Its Symbolism, Science and Prophecy 
The Watchtower Society and John and Morton Edgar
Contains several of the Edgar's booklets
Publications by M.L. MacPhail:
1896 Zions Glad Songs  from 1896 Zion's Watch Tower
1908 Zion's Glad Songs
Publication by Franz Zurcher:
1939 Croisade contre le christianisme  in French
Publication by J.A. Bohnet:
1905 Features of the Plan of God
Publications by Marley Cole:
1955 Jehovah's Witnesses: The New World Society
1957 Triumphant Kingdom
Publication by A.H. Macmillan:
1915 Macmillan Letter
Faith on the March  (offsite link)

Trials Legal

1905 Watch Tower V City of Allegheny Decision
1918 Rutherford vs. the United States Trial 
1941 Jehovah's Servants Defended
Moyle Trial
Adelaide Company of Jehovah's Witnesses V. Commonwealth of Australia
Australian Government Files Re: JWs
Walsh Trial
1950 Defending and Legally Establishing the Good News  by Hayden C. Covington
1950 Selective Service Memorandum  by Hayden C. Covington
1953 Procedures of Jehovah's Witnesses Under Selective Service by Covington

News clippings and magazine articles

News Clippings Judge Rutherford 
News Clippings Millions Campaign 
News Clippings Pastor Russell Sermons 
1940s Reports on Jehovah's Witnesses
Watchtower Scrapbook


1610 Douay Rheims Bible 
1611 King James Version  Scan of original 1611 version
1808 Unitarian NT   "An Improved Version"
1864 Emphatic Diaglott 
1890 Darby Bible
1898 Youngs Literal Translation 
1901 American Standard Version 
1902Rotherham Emphasized Bible Scanned version
1902Rotherham Emphasized Bible (text) 
1937Greber New Testament 
Steven T. Byington's The Bible in Living English (offsite link)
Hebrew Interlinear    Greek Interlinear   (offsite links)
Westcott& Hort Interlinear  (offsite link)
NewJerusalem Bible (offsitelink)
Companion Bible --Based on KJV  (offsite link to PDF files)
NewWorld Translation of theHoly Scriptures  (offsite link)

Concordances and Other Sources

1866 Englishmans Hebrew Concordance I 
1897  Moulton Geden Concordance  (listed as J-20 in the Kingdom Interlinear)
1903 Englishmans Greek Concordance 
Youngs Analytical Concordance
1903  The Two Babylons 
1927 Dana Mantey Grammar 
* On publications printed in the  USA before 1964, copyrights expire 28  years from the date of publication unless they are renewed in the 28th year after original publication. See: http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/renewals.html . Renewals since 1978 can be searched at: http://cocatalog.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?DB=local&PAGE=First . Older copyright renewals can be searched at: http://www.scils.rutgers.edu/~lesk/copyrenew.html and http://renewalrecords.urbanpug.com/  . We have endeavored to check all files hosted on this site with these  databases. Offsite links have not been checked with this database. It  is not known  whether permission  has been granted for them to host their files. Inclusion of any offsite  link is for informational purposes only and is not necessarily a recommendation of that link.

Other Files in PDF format

wtclassic/Kingdom_Interlinear-Greek_Scriptures_1969.pdf 69.6 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1938-October-19.pdf 11.9 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1939-November-29.pdf  11.0 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1940-August-21.pdf 11.8 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1940-December-25.pdf 11.0 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1940-January-24.pdf 10.1 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1940-May-15.pdf 12.0 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1941-August-20.pdf 11.5 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1941-June-25.pdf 2.5 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1941-November-2.pdf 11.8 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1941-October.pdf 10.5 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1941-September-17.pdf 11.8MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1941-September.pdf 31.5 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1942-January-21.pdf 11.2 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1942-May-2.pdf 12.3 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/consolation/1944-December-20.pdf 11.5 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1920-29-September.pdf 5.4 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1930-2-April.pdf 16.5 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1932-13-April.pdf 14.8 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1933-16-August.pdf 15.0 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1934-11-April.pdf 15.8 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1934-21-November.pdf 15.9 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1934-28-March.pdf 6.2 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1934-6-June.pdf 16.2 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1935-11-September.pdf 6.8 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1935-13-March.pdf 15.9 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1935-19-June.pdf 15.7 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1935-27-February.pdf 15.4 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1935-9-October.pdf 15.1 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1936-1-Janvier.pdf 15.5 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1936-15-January.pdf 14.6 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1936-4-November.pdf 15.1 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1936-7-October.pdf 14.8 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1937-10-February.pdf 29.9 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/golden-age/1937-5-May.pdf 14.8 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/herald-of-the-morning/1874-1876.pdf 1.0 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/herald-of-the-morning/1878.pdf 7.8  MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/herald-of-the-morning/1879.pdf 8.5 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/newsletters/1942-Feb-Kingdom-News-10.pdf 2.3 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/newsletters/1942-Jan-Informant.pdf 1.1 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/newsletters/1942-Sept-Kingdom-News-11.pdf 6.0 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/newsletters/1943-Apr-Kingdom-News-12.pdf 6.0 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/newsletters/1944-Mar-Kingdom-News-13.pdf 6.0 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/newsletters/1944-Nov-Kingdom-News-14.pdf 6.2 MB
wtclassic/other-periodicals/newsletters/1946-Feb-Kingdom-News-15.pdf 5.9 MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1877_object_and_manner.pdf 238.1 KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1877_worlds.pdf 1.1 MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1881_food_for_thinking_christians.pdf 802.4 KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1881_tabernacle_shadows_of_the_better_sacrifices.pdf 765.6 KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1886_Studies_in_the_Scriptures_1.pdf 1.5 MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1889_Studies_in_the_Scriptures_2.pdf 1.5MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1890-The-Wonderful-Story.pdf 3.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1891_Studies_in_the_Scriptures_3.pdf 2.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1892-Thy-Word-Is-Truth-3.pdf 906.9KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1897_Studies_in_the_Scriptures_4.pdf 2.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1897_scriptures_about_spiritualism.pdf 440.3KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1898_bible_vs_evolution.pdf 175.2KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1899_Studies_in_the_Scriptures_5.pdf 2.1MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1900-Which-is-True-Gospel.pdf 14.2MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1903-Russell---Eaton-Debate.pdf 535.0KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1904_Studies_in_the_Scriptures_6.pdf 3.1MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1905_hymns_of_the_millennial_dawn.pdf 1.2MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1906-Scriptures-on-Calamities.pdf 19.4MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1907_daily_heavenly_manna.pdf 652.7KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1908-Zions-Glad-Songs-R.pdf 32.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1910-Tabernacle-Shadows.pdf 37.2MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1912_debate_russell_vs_white.pdf 1.2MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1914_photo_drama_of_creation.pdf 10.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1914_scriptures_about_lords_return.pdf 246.1KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1915-Battle-Ecclesiastical-Heavens.pdf 40.6MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1915_scriptures_about_hell.pdf 477.8KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1916_biography_of_russell.pdf 141.5KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1916_old_testament_comments.pdf 4.8MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1917_light_after_darkness.pdf 394.5KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1918_Studies_in_the_Scriptures_7.pdf 3.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1918_facts_for_shareholders.pdf 238.7KB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1918_revelation.pdf 8.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1920-Millions-Now-Living.pdf 10.2MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1920-Talking-With-the-Dead.pdf 39.4MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1921_harp_of_god.pdf 17.5MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1923-World-Distress-Why.pdf 23.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1923_laodicean_messenger.pdf 4.8MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1924-Desireable-Government.pdf 17.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1924-Hell-What-is-It.pdf 17.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1924_Comforted-Of-God-pdf.pdf 9.8MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1924_angels_and_women.pdf 7.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1925-Comfort-for-the-People.pdf 21.5MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1925_comfort_for_the_jews.pdf 6.6MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1925_the_way_to_paradise.pdf 10.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1926-The-Standard-For-the-People.pdf 16.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1926_deliverence.pdf 15.6MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1927-Freedom-For-the-Peoples.pdf 12.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1927-What-Hope-For-The-Dead.pdf 16.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1927_creation.pdf 26.7 MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1928-Prosperity-Sure.pdf 15.2MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1928-The-Last-Days.pdf 14.6 MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1928_government.pdf 16.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1928_reconciliation.pdf 16.5 MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1929-Judgement.pdf 16.2MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1929-Opperssion.pdf 16.6 MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1929_life.pdf 15.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1930-Crimes-and-Calamities.pdf 16.1MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1930-Prohibition-League-of-Nations.pdf 15.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1930-War-or-Peace-Which.pdf 16.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1930_light_1.pdf 16.1MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1930_light_2.pdf 16.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1930_prophecy.pdf 16.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1931-Heaven-and-Purgatory.pdf 14.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1931-The-Kingdom.pdf 17.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1931_vindication_1.pdf 15.6MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932-Cause-of-Death.pdf 11.4MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932-Good-News.pdf 12.8MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932-Hereafter.pdf 12.8MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932-Home-and-Happiness.pdf 13.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932-Keys-of-Heaven.pdf 13.4MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932-Liberty.pdf 12.8MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932-What-You-Need.pdf 13.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932-What-is-Truth.pdf 13.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932-Where-Are-The-Dead.pdf 13.6MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932-Who-Is-God.pdf 12.6MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932_preservation.pdf 16.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932_vindication_2.pdf 15.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1932_vindication_3.pdf 16.1MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1933-Dividing-the-People.pdf 11.4MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1933-Escape-to-the-Kingdom.pdf 12.4MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1933-Intolerance.pdf 11.8 MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1933-The-Crisis.pdf 12.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1933_preparation.pdf 17.1MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1934-Angels.pdf 12.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1934-Beyond-the-Grave.pdf 11.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1934-Favored-People.pdf 11.5MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1934-His-Vengence.pdf 11.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1934-His-Works.pdf 11.4MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1934-Righteouss-Ruler.pdf 11.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1934-Supremacy.pdf 11.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1934-Why-Pray-for-Prosperity.pdf 5.8MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1934-World-Recovery.pdf 11.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1934_jehovah.pdf 17.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1935-Universal-War-Near.pdf 12.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1936_riches.pdf 16.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1937_enemies.pdf 17.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1939_salvation.pdf 17.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1940_religion.pdf 18.1MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1941_children.pdf 18.9MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1942_the_new_world.pdf 38.4MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1943_the_truth_shall_make_you_free.pdf 37.6MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1944_this_kingdom_is_at_hand.pdf 16.2MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1945_theocratic_aid_to_kingdom_publishers.pdf 17.1MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1946_equipped_for_every_good_work.pdf 18.1MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1946_let_god_be_true.pdf 11.8MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1950_This_Means_Everlasting_Life.pdf 13.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1951_What_Has_Religion_Done_For_Mankind.pdf 16.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1952-edition-Let_God_Be_True.pdf 13.8MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1953_Make_Sure_Of_All_Things.pdf 22.7MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1953_New_Heavens_and_a_New_Earth.pdf 17.4MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1955_Qualified_To_Be_Ministers.pdf 19.0MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1955_You_May_Survive_Armageddon.pdf 18.3MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1958_From_Paradise_Lost-To_Paradise_Regained.pdf 30.8MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1958_You_Will_Be_Done_On_Earth.pdf 19.2MB
wtclassic/pubs_1870-1960/1959_Jehovahs_Witnesses_in_the_Divine_Purpose.pdf 27.2MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1879.pdf 12.5MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1880.pdf 23.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1881.pdf 27.8MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1882.pdf 23.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1883.pdf 30.0MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1884.pdf 27.4MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1885.pdf 22.4MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1886.pdf 16.5MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1887.pdf 20.4MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1888.pdf 18.4MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1889.pdf 17.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1890.pdf 21.5MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1891.pdf 14.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1892.pdf 28.5MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1893.pdf 24.5MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1894.pdf 29.9MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1895.pdf 33.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1896.pdf 41.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1897.pdf 33.2MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1898.pdf 36.4MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1899.pdf 29.8MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1900.pdf 41.7MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1901.pdf 37.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1902.pdf 41.7MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1903.pdf 36.7MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1904.pdf 39.5MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1905.pdf 44.4MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1906.pdf 46.8MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1907.pdf 41.5MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1908.pdf 41.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1909.pdf 51.2MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1910.pdf 31.9MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1911.pdf 34.0MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1912.pdf 35.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1913.pdf 36.9MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1914.pdf 38.4MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1915.pdf 37.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1916.pdf 34.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1917.pdf 25.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1918.pdf 29.4MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1919.pdf 38.9MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1920.pdf 50.5MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1921.pdf 50.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1922.pdf 46.8MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1923.pdf 47.6MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1924.pdf 50.2MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1925.pdf 49.8MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1926.pdf 50.6MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1927.pdf 49.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1928.pdf 49.9MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1929.pdf 47.5MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1930.pdf 62.2MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1931.pdf 59.6MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1932.pdf 58.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1933.pdf 58.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1934.pdf 60.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1935.pdf 58.2MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1936.pdf 56.0MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1937.pdf 58.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1938.pdf 58.4MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1939.pdf 63.2MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1940.pdf 48.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1941.pdf 50.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1942.pdf 47.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1943.pdf 46.5MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1944.pdf 46.7MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1945.pdf 47.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1946.pdf 51.1MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1947.pdf 51.6MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1948.pdf 50.3MB
wtclassic/zions-watch-tower/1949.pdf 50.5MB


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